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ANNOUNCEMENT [14 Dec 2005|07:55pm]
I'm not going to be updating this journal anymore. I don't really see the need for two journals when I rarely remember to update this one with hockey stuff, so I'm just going to post it all in my other journal - which can be found at orpheous87 if you want to add me there - and leave this one as it is. I'm not going to delete it, and I may check it occasionally but it won't be updated anymore.
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[07 Nov 2005|02:57pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Ok, roller hockey first. Trials were much better than last year, they were a lot fairer and much more useful than last years. They were actually geared towards how the team going to Detroit is going to play. I enjoyed them. Apart from getting wiped out by Birdie and cracking my head off the floor. Luckily I was wearing my helmet (for once) so all I got was a headache (and a stiff neck the next morning). Anyway, I didn't get through to the next trial, but I'm not really bothered to be honest. I've played for Great Britain in the past, so it's not like I'm not good enough. Well maybe I'm not anymore, I don't know. I know I've put weight on since then, but I'm still playing almost 60 minutes at ice hockey so it's not like I'm not fit.

Right, ice hockey. Whitley Bay. 8 - 4. To us. Hehehe. There's no better feeling than beating Whitley Bay. It doesn't matter how many goals we let in as long as they let in more. They were not happy at all. They're very bad losers. It was quite a violent game, even by our usual standards. It was always gonna be a highly charged affair, given the local rivalry, but they were even dirtier than normal. I ended up sending one girl to hospital...sort of. She collided with me, I didn't hit her or anything, but she's got a history of dislocated shoulders and it popped out again. So it felt like I'd done it. She delayed the game for about twenty minutes because she refused to move until an ambulance arrived. Apparently it was the fourth time she'd dislocated it. If I was her, I'd give ice hockey up as a bad job. I don't think she likes playing us coz she got stretchered off the ice at Whitley Bay before our game last year. Nevermind. So anyway, the game continued, and their biggest player - a defender - got thrown out for nearly decapitating Little Steph with her stick. She deserved it by all accounts coz any time one of our forwards went near her she punched them. Silly cow. She'd better watch out when we play them at Whitley, coz Vixen's coming back from Hull and she'll be after her. So yeah, we won 8 - 4. I scored one goal and got three assists, meaning I've moved up to fourth in the top ten points scorers in the league! I'm chuffed! I've never been that high before, or stayed for as long! I hope I can stay there. The result also means we've gone top of the league over Nottingham who were playing a Knockout Cup game yesterday instead of a league game. They're only a point behind us, so it'll come to the games between us to decide the league I think if we're still in the same positions come May. Well that's about all I've got to say today. Next game is the 20th of November against...ooh, Nottingham. Should be interesting.

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[03 Nov 2005|12:35pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

O...k. Long time since I updated this one. Hmm...Blackburn. They were tougher than we thought, they were much improved from last season (or maybe it was just coz Fiona wasn't pissed this time), but we still beat them. We won 6-3. Sadly Fiona got all three goals, but saying that it wasn't really surprising coz she's their best player. It was a pretty crappy game if I remember rightly, but the important thing is we came away with the win.

We played Telford last Sunday, at home. We weren't sure what to expect from them really, since they'd had a season in the Premier and last time they were in our league they kicked our asses every time we played them. But, since then they've lost their best player (Rigby) so we weren't sure if the rest of them could keep up the level we expected of them. As it turns out, they couldn't. We won 13-1, and the game was pretty easy to win really. It definitley wasn't as tough as I was expecting. They have a couple of good players, but no-one as good as Rigby so they weren't really anything to worry about. Their keeper had only played in net twice before apparently, but she was really bad. She didn't even have a goalie stance. Me and Leanne rattled a few shots off her in the hopes of scaring her. Not sure if it worked, although I think my shot that hit her in the head shook her a bit (and no, I wasn't aiming for her head). I scored a goal and got one assist in that game, which means I'm still 6th in the top ten points scorers of the league. Little Steph is 1st, Leanne is 2nd, Sarah is 3rd and Big Steph is 8th. Not too bad, but we can get more of our players up there if we try hard enough! What else...oh yeah, the game was a pretty easy going game, nothing too dirty from either side, although you wouldn't know it to look at the gamesheet. Both sides had loads of penalties, but a lot of them were pretty dubious. Little Steph got called for hooking, but all she'd done was knock the girl a little as though she was body checking her, but because her stick went under the girls arm and the girl fell down, Steph got called. The later, I got called for tripping, but I hadn't touched the lass. And I'm not just saying that because I got called, I honestly didn't touch her. She'd fallen over at the opposite end of the ice a couple of minutes earlier then she skated down into our defensive end and I was chasing back after her, she went to stop just outside of our crease but she fell down. I stopped behind her - and still didn't touch her! - and as she stood up I said to her 'Not very good at staying on your feet, are you?' Next thing I knew, the whistle had blown and he'd called me for tripping. I couldn't believe it. I hate when Boynton referees. However, Sunday we play Whitley Bay and we have my favourite ref in the world reffing - John Kerry. Slight sarcasm there. I hope he does his job right this time. So yeah, we gotta beat Whitley. It should be a good game.

Roller hockey news: GB trials on Saturday. New coaches, so I'm gonna go and see what it's like. Apparently the Championships are in Detroit next year, so it'll be worth going if I can get on the team again. Fingers crossed.

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[14 Oct 2005|10:22pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Hockey Ramblings (LONG)Collapse )

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[03 Oct 2005|03:20am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Ahhh first game of the season over with. WE didn't play against Whitley Bay on the 25th like we were supposed to coz the Forum had double booked - idiots. So, we played Sheffield B today instead. At practice on Wednesday, everyone apart from Lindsey turned up - even Rachel, which is a miracle. We thought we were in pretty good shape. Today, I woke up to find a missed call from Jenny, our manager, on my phone. I tried calling her back, but there was no answer. Then she sent me a text later saying 'Rach isn't playing'. So we were down to two defenders, me and her, because Julie had told us on Wednesday she didn't think she could make it as she was at a family wedding she couldn't get out of. So, I ended up playing literally 56 minutes of hockey today. I got off the ice a total of two times, and one of those was a penalty. I wasn't even tired. So, even though John Kerry was reffing and he hates me, I only got one penalty, which I thought was rather good. I also scored a goal (yay!) - a powerplay goal too - and I somehow got 5 assists. I'm not complaining. I have a good chance of being in the top ten points scorers now. Anyway, my goal was our 6th. We ended up with 17 and Sheffield got none, so we've gone straight to the top of the league again. It was a good game and I really enjoyed it. It didn't even matter that Julie and Rachel weren't playing, or that Vanessa hasn't signed this season. Hopefully it's a sign that this season is going to go as well as last season did.

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[29 Jul 2005|09:19pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Two updates in one day, this must be some sort of miracle.

Heh, apparently someone from the South wants to tell us that women's hockey is non-checking, according to this post on the Womens IH forum > http://www.womens-ih.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=258&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=22

I assume they're from the South anyway, considering the topic is called D1 South. We've only ever played against one Southern team - Streatham. So I also assume they're from Streatham...I kind of have an idea which one it was too - the girl I checked into the boards, fairly brutally, and didn't called for. She's also the girl who was crosschecking me in the head, so turnabout's fair play. I find it amusing. They're having a huge debate about whether women's hockey should be checking or not - it should - but the different views are so vastly differing from each other it's weird. Pretty much all of the girls I know think women's hockey chould be checking. The people who don't want it to be checking seem to be the people who have never played before. They keep going on about how there's an increased risk of pelvic injuries and such, but if it's done properly, I don't see the problem. The majority of players have all played checking hockey in some form or another and therefore should be okay with doing it in the women's league.

I'd love to play checking hockey. I've grown up playing hockey on a boy's roller hockey team against other boys, and that's a lot more physical than women's. I have only been called once for checking and that was because the girl turned at the last minute and I ended up hitting her from behind. Which is fair enough, but all my other checks haven't been called, which in my eyes, is the referee's fault. They're very inconsistent. They all need to go on a course and be taught the rules again I think. Anyway, I'm done talking about this now. I'm just gonna end up ranting about referees lol.

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[29 Jul 2005|05:06pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

Bit late with this, but nevermind. Roller hockey Nationals were last weekend - I got up at 5.30am to travel down to Rotherham for a 9.20am game against Teesside. Fucking Teesside of all people. We could have played them up here! Anyway, we beat them 4-3. Then we had Forfar Cobras, we beat them 11-4 or something I think. We started with Stu in goal and he let in three soft goals. We should never have started him. We pulled him after about ten minutes and out Neal in again. I didn't get on at all in either game. So anyway, after that game, we'd won our group and had to play Chaddy Wildsharks, the runner up of one of the other groups, at 9.20am on Sunday morning. So no lie-in for us. We all did our own thing for the rest of the afternoon, then we were meant to be meeting up at 6pm to go bowling, but then Hairy decided he was taking his kids to the pictures instead so that just mucked up everyone else's plans. We went for a meal instead. I had steak that was meant to be well done, but I swear there was blood coming out of it. So I swapped with my mam and had her gammon instead. We got up the next morning and went back to the rink to play Chaddy. I got on in this one, so I was happy. I didn't do too badly either. We beat Chaddy quite comfortably and then we had to play the Hornets. We hadn't beat the Hornets all season, so this was the big game. It should really have been the final, but somehow things got messed up and we met in the semis. Our whole team played really, really well and we beat them. I didn't get on and neither did Nichol, but we didn't mind. We beat the Hornets! Which meant we played Norton in the final. This should have been an easy game coz Hornets didn't have their two best players. We went a goal down fairly early, but we got it back and took the lead. They kept equalising until we took the lead again not long from the end. We were winning 4-3 and thought we had it won. It went into the final minute and I kept an eye on the clock as it was ticking down, counting the seconds before we were BIPHA National Champions. Then, 19 seconds from the end, our player coach screwed big style, missed an easy clearance and Norton equalised. Gutted. So we went into sudden death. First goal wins. A couple of minutes in, disaster struck again and Norton scored. I felt like crying. I might not have played much, but I'm just as much part of the team as the rest of the guys and it was just so frustrating. Every time we play down there, we seem to get screwed over. Not next year. Next year we will win.

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[07 Jul 2005|10:00pm]
[ mood | shocked ]

Damn. Pretty much all I can say. I know it's just been a matter of time before we got bombed or something, but it's still been a shock. I was sat in the office actually working (for once) when I found out. Natalie was listening to the radio on her walkman when she just started saying 'What the hell is this on the radio? This has to be a joke. This can't be real.' She thought it was some sort of test message because the woman reading the news had such a monotone voice. When I asked her what she was talking about, she said 'they're saying that there's been explosions on the London underground, but it doesn't sound real'. I got online and found out that it was, in fact, real and that we'd been bombed. For the rest of the day, we spent pretty much all our time online, trying to find out what we could. I have family who live in Crawley, which is West Sussex so not quite London, but I was still a little worried. I'm pretty sure they're alright because none of them actually go into the city centre. I just hope that anyone else I know who lives in/around London is ok.

I got emails from Meme and Sheri to see if I was okay, which was nice of them. Luckily I'm nowhere near London, so I'm fine. It's times like these I'm glad I live in a tiny little, unheard of town in the Northeast.

X-posted to orpheous87

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[03 Jul 2005|10:41pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

Well we have another season in D1 to look forward to. *sighs* The game yesterday went so badly it was unreal. First off, we only had like, 9 players to use which isn't even two full lines. Secondly, I'm the only one who has been doing hockey training since the end of the season. Sure, Steph, Julie and Leanne have been a couple of times to roller, but I'm there every week without fail. I'd imagine that the others have at least been going to the gym and stuff, but it's not the same as training for hockey. I mean, we play games in training every week which always helps so I guess I had an advantage. Not that it mattered. We got to the rink, and I don't know about anyone else, but I expected the rink to be really nice inside, like Sheffield or Nottingham, or Guildford, but we got in there and it looked like an old warehouse or something! It was really cold, and it just didn't look impressive at all. Then we got shown to the changing room. Or I should say changing rooms! They gave us these two little tiny rooms for a whole team to get changed in. It was so crap. We couldn't even have a proper teamtalk or get fired up as a team. Maybe they do it on purpose - give the away team the sucky changing rooms in the hopes of demoralising them or something. Anyway, we got on and we had a minutes silence for Bill Britton, who was the Womens League Chairman who passed away a week after the trophy weekend. Then we got the game away and we started off pretty well and it was a fairly evenly matched game, then they scored. Our goalie was screened on the shot and it ended up in the back of the net. We still believed we could come back though, then they got a second goal. It only just went over the line, but it went over and that's all that mattered. Their third goal was a pretty good one. I've played against the girl who scored it before in roller and she's much better on ice than in roller. I had a bit of a tussle in front of the net with her early on in the period, but she didn't bother me much after that. Anyway, second period...not too much happened. I hit one girl in front of her own bench, and I expected a penalty for it, but I got nothing. It was a fair hit...if we played checking hockey anyway :P. Then one girl hit Little Steph, but it was a pretty dirty hit - knee on knee. Luckily Steph was alright, but the girl didn't even get a penalty for it. The referee was seriously, seriously shit. He didn't even have a clue. The puck went into our zone and into the corner. I was chasing after it and a girl was coming after me. I looked over my shoulder and she was coming pretty fast so I sort of stopped and turned into her. My stick was between her legs and I was kind of trying to lift her up and over but she was too heavy, lol. Anyway, shew as getting pissed off coz she couldn't get to the puck so she started like, cross checking me on the head! Eventually someone come in and took the puck away and the girl slashed me one more time over my knee/thigh before skating away. I just laughed at her and told her to keep going. Then, later in the period, I got the puck and started on a breakaway coz I had a clear line in front of me. I put it past one girl, through her legs, but I'd knocked it a little too far. So, I followed it into the corner, where there was a girl trying to clear it. I kept going forward and just ploughed into thie girl, knocking her down. I nearly, nearly fell myself but managed to catch myself and balance on one leg for a few minutes. By the time I got myself back on two feet and in a position to get the puck, another Streatham player was there, but so was Lindsey from my team. The puck was free and either of them could have got it, but the referee blew the whistle. He then asked me if he could have a word. I was like 'you can but I don't know whether I'll listen'. So he starts going on how I need to calm down. He said 'You were pissing about in the corner' but he didn't get any further than that coz I was sooo pissed off. I started shouting at him saying 'she was fucking crosschecking me in the head!'. He threatened to give me ten minutes for unsportsmanlike conduct, so I shut up coz we definitley didn't need that, but I started skating away from him while he was still saying 'you were pissing about in the corner, and now you've just tripped her up, calm down'. If I tripped her, give me a penalty. Don't just talk to me about it. I didn't trip her up, I skated into her and she fell over. There's a difference. Anyway, in short, the reffing was just a farce, from beginning to end. The worst bit is, we now have to travel to Coventry next season and he has reffed there a couple of times so I'm betting we get him again. The joys. Oh yeah, another fun aspect of playing at Coventry was it got so misty, that they stopped the game and asked all the players to get on the ice and skate round to clear the mist. Twice. It was a joke. The rink is a shithole. I don't know how people have the cheek to complain about Billingham! At least we have two fully sized changing rooms and our ice doesn't mist up! Gah! It was just a horrible game to play.

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SMALL ANNOUNCEMENT [30 Jun 2005|11:10pm]
I decided that since this journal is going to be used for mainly hockey posts, I'd get another one to use for more normal posts. It's at orpheous87 . So, if anyone wants to know what else I'm upto apart from hockey, feel free to add me and I'll add you back.
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[25 Jun 2005|11:21am]
[ mood | bored ]

I'm getting bad at updating again. Oops. Anyway...since my last entry, I have:-

- Been to the playoffs
- Played in a Vet's tournament
- Had the presentation night for Billingham
- Played in the last senior games of the season.

So. Playoffs were a disaster. We played shite on the first day against Basingstoke, who completely walked all over us. We lost 7-3. Sarah, Leanne and I scored. After the game, we got presented with our trophies for winning the league and as captain, I got to go up and collect the plaque, which was cool. The highlight though was Leanne getting MOM - her award was a towel. This is kind of an in-joke coz her gear stinks so bad. We were like "They must have known!" Second day, we played Nottingham and half of our team was hungover from the night before. I think I was the only totally sober one. But the game was much better, I really enjoyed it. Julie (our coach) said she wasn't bothered what we did as we were only playing for 3rd/4th place. So, the hits were coming out. Leanne got a few of them and got a couple of penalties. I got a couple of them and got a couple of penalties too, but only in the first period. After that I was on my best behaviour...or just hiding it from the ref really well. At one point, I had a breakaway (well kinda) and as I was skating up the boards, I just suddenly fell over. My sock had fallen down (I knew this but didn't bother fixing it) and I had kept pulling it up until I could get back to the bench. Except when I was skating on my breakaway, my sock had worked it's way down and under my skate blade, so of course I went flying. I lost the puck and everything. I couldn't even get up coz it was stuck under there so I just sat on the ice, dropped my stick and gloves and tried to get it free. The ref blew the whistle and came over to me and he goes 'Your sock fell down'. I was like 'Well, duh! I have no tape, have you got any tape?' So he said he'd find some for me and was like 'I only blew the whistle coz I knew you couldn't get up.' Which was nice of him. My friends on the bench all thought I'd hurt my knee when I didn't get up, but no, my knee was fine. Just my pride was dented, lol. Anyway, the game ended 0-0. So we went to sudden death. Five minutes later, it was still 0-0 and we headed for penalty shots. Luckily, Julie hadn't picked me as a shooter, but in hindsight, I think she should have. I think I could have scored. Our shooters were all pretty terrible. Rach had the best chance, and had the keeper beaten but she lost the puck and couldn't get her shot off properly. In the end, the little player for Nottingham who had scored the winning goal against us last time we played them scored the only penalty shot and won the game for them. They celebrated like they'd won the Stanley Cup. Our keeper, Jenny was a star. She made some really good saves and kept us in the game to the end. She deserved her MOM award (which, incidentally was also a towel but no-one made any jokes about her). Picture of our league winning team - complete with Nessy On A StickCollapse )

Vets tournament was class. We won. Hee! I even scored a goal that wasn't a slapshot! We got beat in our first game, which is kind of a Durham curse, but we won every other game quite comfortably. Hehe, Leanne got offered out off this weird little girl who was playing for one of the other teams. She'd had a go at me during the game and everyone thought I was gonna flip on her, but I didn't. I kept my temper and even got her to take a penalty. Leanne got sticked in the neck during this game too, but Hairy jumped in and defended her. She was alright. So all in all, it was a good day.

Not much to say about presentation evening...it was kinda boring. Not much went on that's worth talking about, it was just the usual presenting of trophies etc.

Senior games were pretty good. We played Norton first, and as usual, the refs were on their side. They got away with so many obvious penalties while we got called for things that didn't even happen! It's always the same. But, we still won. Even if it was only by one goal. I didn't get to play this game, neither did Tinner or Nichol, coz we're considered the weaker players out of the rest of the team. Which sucks, but I don't mind not getting on if it means we win. I don't wanna make a stupid mistake and be blamed for the loss. The second game against Rhinos was a decent enough game. They only had 5 players, and we had two lines and two spares, so everyone got on. I was playing with Auzzie, Serrell, Nichol & Hairy, which was a canny good line. I enjoyed it. I think I played pretty well and didn't make too many mistakes. We ended up winning 19-4 and everybody apart from me and the goalies scored. It wasn't for the want of trying that I didn't score. I even played up front during the second period (which I hate) but I still couldn't score. Nevermind. I have one goal listed next to my name for this season that I haven't scored so I'm not too bothered, lol! So we finished 3rd in the league and qualified for Nationals, which was our aim. I got to keep the trophy too, and it looks quite good on my mantlepiece.

So that's the last few weeks covered...next week, we have to playoff for promotion in ice, which means a trip to Coventry to play Streatham on Saturday. If we win that, we'll play Swindon on Sunday to determine whether or not we go up. Then on 23/24th July it's Nationals in roller, which is always a good weekend. Heh, last year I won a new hockey bag. I wonder if I'll have the same luck this year. In the meantime, I've just been pretty busy with training and following on from my last entry, a little more on Tank. This Monday, he was on the other team to me again and at one point was following me into the corner for the puck. I got there first and knocked the puck out, but Tank still followed in and he ended up like, hugging me from behind and pushing me into the wall (not hard) before skating off. It's just a little odd. But nevermind.

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[23 May 2005|10:34pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Hmm, I haven't updated this for a while...nevermind. I've had three games since my last update. One against Whitley and two against Nottingham. We beat Whitley 4-0...I actually can't remember much of the game now...oh apart from I twatted the linesman with the puck. Hee! Good thing it was the one I don't really like, but shame it wasn't the ref - I really don't like him! Although, it's probably a good thing I didn't hit the ref, he might have thought it was on purpose. Anyway, the week after the Whitley game, we went to Nottingham. We won that game 4-0 too, I got the first goal and the last goal and I got my first ever man of the match award. XD I only got one penalty too, which is quite good for me. So yeah, after that game, we'd won the league so obviously we celebrated like mad and it was a lot of fun. Then, just this Sunday, we went back to Nottingham with only 9 players plus a goalie and we were missing two of our best players. We ended up losing 2-1, but to be honest, the result didn't matter since we'd already won the league! I got a couple of penalties but I'm not sure either of them were deserved. The second one definitley wasn't, and no-one could believe it. I was really pissed off about it - he only hgave me it because the player who'd fallen was about three foot shorter than me. All I'd done was bring my stick down on hers, but because she was so small, she fell over and the ref called me for slashing! And he was half a mile behind play! Complete arse. Anyway...next week is the playoffs. I can't wait, it's gonna be so much fun although I'm not quite sure what I'm gonna do if one of our games comes down to penalty shots...I'm going to be taking one. Just thinking about it makes me nervous.

Well...I don't have much else to say apart from I'm bruised all over. I was playing roller hockey on Sunday and I blocked a slap shot...let's just say if I was a lad, I'd be singing soprano right now. It fucking hurts. And, I have a huge bruise on my leg from where Tank hit me last week in training. We had quite the battle going over two nights - he elbowed me in the face on Monday night (without realising it), then on Tuesday I was stretching out and he came over to me to say 'hi' and as he skated past me, he hooked his stick under my left leg and pulled it forward so I ended up in the most weird position - flat out on the floor with one leg stuck in front of me and the other stuck behind me! Then, every time I got the puck, he'd come charging towards me but I always managed toget rid of the puck before he got to me. One time, I had the puck by the boards and he come flying at me, and I'd passed the puck to someone else, but he couldn't stop. He ended up putting one hand on my chest(!) and stopping himself from planting me into the boards. He did say 'I wanted to hit you into the boards there' and I was like 'Well anyone else would have!' which they would, because even in training, whether I'm a girl or not, I get the same treatment as the lads. Which I don't mind. Also at some point, I was shooting the puck out but managed to hit Tank in the stomach. He was okay though. Then, right near the end of training, he had his stick up under my left arm and somehow managed to make me twist my right leg so I fell over - I ended up cracking my leg guards even more. It was all just very weird.

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[18 Apr 2005|01:04am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Damn, my weekend has been full of nothing but hockey!  I finished work yesterday afternoon and travelled straight to Rotherham for Vet's games. We had two games and not many players. In fac, we only had two defenders - me and Leanne (and Leanne's not even a proper defender) so I was on pracically the whole time. I think I got off once. We played Glossop twice...although we were meant to be playing Midlife Madness (again) but they didn't turn up. We won both games. First one was 8-3 and the second one was 11-1. I scored a goal and got an assist. My goal was just a tap in, right in front of net. Not sure what I was doing up there though! I don't normally go past the red line! Still, it was fun.

Then, I was forced to stay overnight because I had senior games this morning. I hate staying over because there's never anything to do! Anyway, went to the rink this morning expecting to have two lines. It came to our face off time and we had 6 players. One line and two spares. Luckily it was 3 defenders and 3 forwards, so it worked out pretty well. Our teammates turned up a few minutes into the first period, but were told they couldn't come on till half time. Luckily, we were 3-0 up by this time so it wasn't like we desperately needed them. I think we were 5 or 6 nil up at half time. So yeah, they were allowed on and we changed to two full lines, with me and Tinner rotating on one line. Everyone got plenty of time on and we won. I can't remember the score though. The second game went better. Apart from our shirts clashed with the other teams. In the end, we changed our shirts and it was much easier to find each other. Again, everyone got plenty of time on and we won. And again, I can't remember the score! Although, 11-0 rings a bell.

So after that game, I took some of my gear off and put my longpants on because I was going straight to Billingham to play ice hockey against Blackburn. Heh, I'm sure I looked well in my purple longpants with my New Rocks! Anyway, we drove up home listening to the FA Cup Semi Final - Go Man Utd! We're gonna kick Arsenal's ass in the final! Came home to pick up my ice skates and the rest of my gear. Went to Billingham. Faceoff was delayed half an hour because of a problem with the zamboni. We were told that Blackburn's two best players were pissed, and one of them, you couldn't really tell because she's an absolute psycho at the best of times. A really dirty player, but with her being pissed, she was actually ten times worse. It was apparent in the first couple of minutes that she didn't really want to play - she was trying to check everybody. Illegally. But got nothing called on her, which sucked but we just played our own game. We went 4-0 up by the end of the first period. God knows how because we played crap. We played down to Blackburn's level. In the second period though, we seemed to get a second wind and played out of our skins. I scored a nice goal on the powerplay (if I remember rightly) - a slapshot that hit the net just above the goalie's right shoulder. I enjoyed that one much more than my tap-in on Saturday night! So we went into the third period with a 9 goal lead. Third period was pretty good. We went to three lines, which meant everyone had quick shifts, which was pretty crap, but we could afford to do it. Not much happened really apart from us scoring 7 goals  so that we won the game 16-0. It was a great result, and it was made even better by the fact it was for four points instead of two, and the news that Sheffield beat Whitley. So now, it looks like we're well on our way to winning the league and making the playoffs, but we can't be complacent. We might be 5 points clear of Nottingham at the moment, but they're starting to pull results out and they could be in contention. We've got to play them twice away still, which could be good or it could be bad. Usually when we play them at their rink, we end up playing against the refs as well. I don't particularly like playing them anyway coz they're a bunsh of soft tarts! It's like, you touch them lightly and they go down screaming as though you've shot them! They spend more time laid on the ice than they do skating on it! Plus, I don't get on with the refs down there. Hopefully I'll be able to hold my temper when we play them. Otherwise I'll be thrown out and I'll let the team down. Which I definitley don't want to do.

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[30 Mar 2005|12:53am]
[ mood | sore ]

*sigh* The tournament yesterday was pretty much a disaster. We ended up 3rd and we played shite all day apart from the last game. The first game wasn't too bad, we drew with the eventual winners 2-2, but we should have won it. We lost the next two games and we really should have won those. The teams weren't that good, but we just weren't clicking. In the game against the Irish team, we found out that a girl who we aren't particularly fond of was guesting for them. She'd spread a lot of shit about Leanne in Canada last year so she's not our favourite person. Anyway, she was skating down the wing towards our net. Sarah was with her, but wasn't actually making any progress with stopping her. So I decided that I was just going to take her out. I skated across the rink, and hit her full on sideways. She went down and I got a penalty. Which I wasn't too bothered about because it was worth it to hit her. Except they scored on the powerplay when Bev didn't have her stick and no-one had given her another one till she could get hers back. Well anyway, we carried on and got a few more goals and brought it level. They came down again and scored, the shot had gone off my stick and into the net. So, in a temper, I swung my stick to hit the goal post, except it bounced off the post and hit Bev in the shoulder. She went down straight away and I was gutted. It was a complete accident but it did end up hurting the team. Bev played on a little while and let another goal in. Then Sarah deflected a shot into the net with her foot. After this one Bev decided she had to go off, so we put Leanne in goal. She didn't do too badly, she didn't let anymore goals in and she made some good saves. After this game we had the semi-final game. If we won we went into the final. If we lost, we played for 3rd/4th place. We were playing the team we'd drawn 2-2 with, but we changed our lines to try and win the game. It didn't work and we ended up losing 5-0. So, for the 3rd/4th place game, we were playing the Irish team and we changed the lines back to the way they were for the first game, but with Sarah playing in net and Bev taking her place on first line. With no pressure, we all decided to start playing and won 12-3. Bit of a contrast there. We know what we've got to do for next time now though.

Well today, I've been in so much pain. I think I hit that girl wrong because I have a very sore cheek/jaw. There's no visible bruise or anything but I think I've done it some damage. I did originally think I'd given myself concussion as I had a headache all day yesterday and all day today, but I don't have any other symptoms so I guess it's just a headache. I hope. I trained tonight and it hasn't really helped. Also, I can't move my left arm too well. I can lift it a certain amount, but once I get so far I have to stop. I can't stretch it out either. It sucks, but I know that will go soon. It always does.

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Dumb bitches... [25 Mar 2005|01:24am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

I was supposed to be playing ice hockey on Sunday. Even though it's Easter Sunday. We always end up having a game on Easter Sunday. Anyway, that's not the point. I was supposed to have a game this Sunday, but Nottingham have cancelled it. We found out yesterday. They haven't got a level 2 coach available, which is a league requirement. They could have borrowed a level 2 from one of their clubs' other teams. Hell, they could have borrowed one of our level 2's from one of our other teams. But no. They've forfeited the game and given us the two points. Not that I'm complaining about that, but I was really looking forward to playing! I have a suspicion that the main reason they're not coming is because their main level 2 coach is also their 'star player'. You would think that they'd still wanna come and play and prove the whole league is wrong and that they're not just 'Team Urquhart', but apparently not. That wouldn't have been so bad, but they've also cancelled our away game on the 3rd of April, but that one is going to be rearranged. They did originally want us to play for double points, but we don't think that's wise. Especially knowing that I don't get on with the referees in Nottingham and I'm one of our strongest defenders...not to mention the captain. It doesn't look good when the captain gets thrown out of a game. I was thrown out twice last season and ended up with 97 penalty minutes for the season...meaning I was lead penalty taker for the whole league. :S Ooops. Anyway, I don't really want to repeat that, and so far I'm not doing too bad. I've not been thrown out yet, I've only had one ten minute misconduct (given to me by the referee who threw me out last season) and I've only got like, 34 penalty minutes up to now. I know that total is going to go up before the end of the season...and I just realized that if I end up with too many I could be banned for the playoffs...but I'm going to try hard not to get too many. Fingers crossed.

Speaking of the referee who threw me out last season - he's not my favourite person. But, last week something happened that made my week - he got knocked out while doing the lines for a Vipers match, by my favourite player Jonathan Weaver! He got in the way while Weaver was trying to defend and he ended up getting checked by Weaver and knocked out cold. While I know it's not good for him to be seriously injured, I also know that he's ok now and the whole situation is hilariously funny...to me anyway. I only wish I'd seen it. Sadly I wasn't at the game, but I'm hoping to be able to buy a DVD of the game.

Roller hockey tournament on Monday. Looking forward to it, I'm not totally sure who the other teams are apart from one, so I don't know how well we'll do. Hopefully pretty well. We've got a couple of new players, but I think we should be okay. I'll probably post again on Monday night after the tournament. Hopefully with some good news.

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Winning is good... [14 Mar 2005|01:00am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Winning against a full strength Whitley Bay team is even better! Ok, so we won 6-3, Becky was playing so they can't claim their team was under strength like they did last time we beat them, however, our team was, like I explained in my last entry. The game started well enough and it was evenly matched and we went into the break 0-0. Came back out for the second period and they scored fairly soon after. It was partly my fault because I was standing in front of the shot and Claire couldn't see it, but the puck must have literally gone in through a 1 centimetre gap or something because when I turned around, Claire was covering the part of the net where it went in! I was in line with the shooter, so it must have been a pretty good shot to get through there. Ah well, anyway, we went up the other end and scored before long so we were equal. God knows how Julie got it in because she was behind the goal line when she scored, but we weren't complaining! After that, we took the lead through Rachel and held onto it for a while before they came back again. I think that was it for that period...but I'm not entirely sure! In the third, we scored three unanswered goals before they got a consolation goal towards the end of the period when there was a mix-up between Rachel and Claire and they squeezed the puck past Claire. The game itself was pretty clean, only two penalties all game - one for each team. Unfortunately it was me that got our penalty for checking from behind, but I have to say if the girl hadn't lost the puck and slowed down and turned round then I would have hit her head on and I don't think it would have been called, but nevermind. I only hit her in the first place coz she wiped Lindsay out and didn't get anything. Their penalty was for a tripping call and they scored their third goal while their player was in the penalty box, but it didn't matter since we went straight up the other end and scored ourselves. So yeah,it was a good game, we all enjoyed it and we're now 3 points clear at the top of the table! XD Yay!

I was just looking at the stats for roller hockey and apparently I've scored a goal for the seniors! I'm not sure when or how that happened, but I'm not gonna complain about it. It's gonna bug me that I can't remember who I scored against though.

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[12 Mar 2005|10:49pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

I should be in Rotherham, playing Vets. But, the games got cancelled on Wednesday because there are no officials...why the fuck not?! I imagine these fixtures have been arranged for a month at least, which is plenty of time to arrange officials. *sigh* Oh well, nevermind, now I don't have to stay overnight for the senior games tomorrow. However, I have to decide whether I now want to get up at 7am to travel down there for one game then come back home to play ice hockey in the afternoon. Plus there are only 6 people going for the first game. That would mean I might get lots of time on, but I'm not 100% sure I would...it's a hard decision. I could do with a lie in, but I could get that on Monday because I'm off work. So I dunno.

Anyway, I have bruised elbows and a bruised hip from hockey last night. Helen got her stick under my foot and I went flying and landed elbows first, and somehow I hit my left hip too. Oh and I got knee'd in the head because Helen went flying over the top of me...I'm glad it wasn't a skate I got hit with though. I now have a very nice lump on my right elbow and I can't really rest any of my elbows on anything...it hurts. But not enough to stop me playing hockey tomorrow.

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[10 Mar 2005|12:58am]
[ mood | irritated ]

This is probably going to become more of a hockey journal with other stuff thrown in there occasionally since most of my life is spent round hockey. Just a warning.

Anyway...I've got a pretty big ice game on Sunday against Whitley Bay. So far, we've played two games against them and we're one a piece. We beat them 4-0 last time, but their best player, Becky(who is also their coach), wasn't playing that day because she was at GB camp...even though players from other clubs got released for the day to play for their club team. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that some of the Whitley players had been on our guestbook winding us up. They tried to do that last time we played them and she told them off and removed all their messages from their guestbook. I don't really know or care. All that matters is the game on Sunday. GB are away until Friday (I think) so we're kind of hoping that Becky won't be playing because of jetlag or something but it's a long shot. We've already got a weakened side coz our number one goalie is on holiday. Our number two goalie is one of our outfield players who plays in goal at field hockey. Not the same, but better than having one of our other outfield players with no experience at all in net. Plus we're only going to have 3 defenders and Sarah's just had an operation to take the pins out of her ankle after she broke it in 2003 and can't play for another 2-3 weeks. To make matters worse, at training tonight, there was a grand total of 6 outfield players plus the goalie. Not a good way to beat our main opponent. Even though they're third in the league right now we still consider them to be our main competition because they've proven it time and time again. I just really hope we can prove to them that we can beat them with or without Becky.

On another note, I have a really itchy rash on my neck. I'm allergic to one of my chains, that I still wear on occasion because it's not usually too bad if I don't wear it for long. I wore it last month when I had vets games and it was only for a couple of hours at the most. I am still feeling the effects of it now. I've tried some Eurax cream, which is for allergic reactions but it doesn't seem to be helping. So if anyone has any suggestions for something that would help, I'd love to hear them.

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New start... [08 Mar 2005|02:23am]
[ mood | tired ]

I decided to delete all my old journal entries. Why? I don't know. I just felt like it. I'm bored with the layout and will be changing it pretty soon.

Anyway, it's been a while since I last updated and I have to say, nothing out of the ordinary has happened in that time. Hockey's going good - in ice we're now top of the league and looking increasingly good for the playoffs, in roller, I've been playing pretty well lately as was shown in my senior match a couple of weeks ago. Work's the only thing letting the rest down. It's still shite. Nicole's now left, but it's the main boss who's pissing me off. He's a complete lunatic. I need to find something else, but I just don't want to risk saying I'm looking for another job and then not being able to find one and being stuck in this one. I'm trying to find one first, then I can just say I'm leaving.

Anyway, I'll do a proper update later. I'm gonna go to bed now.

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